Lartebiokorshie Central Mosque And What You Should Know.

Lartebiokorshie Central Mosque

The most common definition of a mosque is a Muslim house of worship with at least one minaret, a tall slender tower with balconies used for calling the faithful to prayers.

Mosques as you may know, plays a major role in the lives of Muslims and with over hundreds of mosque in Ghana, the Lartebiokorshie Central Mosque is one of the most visited mosques in the heart of Accra.

Situated right at the core of Town-council-line, in the Ablekuma Central Constituency, the Lartebiokorshie Central Mosque which was established in the 1970s started with two late heroes  who were popularly known as Mallam Mooshie and Baaban Fulani.

These heroes, may their souls rest in peace started the central mosque under a tree by an abandon refuse dump.

The prayer ground was said to have been a way smaller cemented floor with woods and roofing all around.The more people became familiar with the new mosque, the bigger the mosque got.

With the help from some Arabian visitors and some influential persons in the community, the under tree mosque was developed into a fine green and white mosque which was later named the central mosque.


Aside from the washrooms and kettles that are unkept most of the time due to lack of cleaners, the central mosque is visitor friendly and neat from the inside.



Timing when is comes to the Central mosque is the top notch as the ‘laadan’ is always on time to call salat.

In as much as there is another big mosque  with the name, Abosseyokai  Central Mosque, the Laterbiokorshie Central Mosque sees the likes of over 300 faithful believers each and every Friday for JUMMAH PRAYERS filling both the inside and outside of the mosque.

Aside prayer purposes, the Mosque is used for Islamic programs such as the Light of Islam Youth Organization’s after Ramadan lectures and others and also used as resting spot for travelers, traders and commoners.

As a Muslim lady, although I have prayed in different mosques, this particular central mosque has a special spot in my heart.

Although the mosque is doing better compared to other mosques, the central mosque needs lots more amenities to help rank it one of the best in Ghana.


Beneath is the Buhari Islamic School, an Arabic and English Primary School that shares the same compound with the Central Mosque which was also built in the 1980s.

Buhari Islamic School

These Arabic and English  school is the 2nd ever government academic institution to be built in town-council-line.

The Central Mosque also has an Islamic school built for female adults(makaranta maata) and an extra storage room for keeping Islamic burial items.

Islamic school for female adults & storage for burial items.


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