How to professionally use your ‘Make Up’ brushes




Today we are going to be looking how to properly and professional use our makeup brushes.


Some makeup brushes unlike others comes in set which have either 6/10/12/17/20 or 25 different kinds or double brushes.


As a makeup lover or a starter, knowing the right uses of each of your brush would lead to the perfection of your face beat.

Makeup brushes for flawless look

Beneath are the various types of makeup brush and how/what you should use them for;

  1. SPOOLIE; Purposely for brushing brows before and after drawing and concealing to give it a desired look.


  1. CONCEALER BRUSH; (a) Used to conceal brows after drawing and filling which tend to gives your brows the desired shape.                                                                                                                           (b) Used to cut crease before eye shadow applications.


  1. MINI POWDER BRUSH; (a) After concealing your beautiful/ugly fake drawn brows,a mini powder brush is used to blend the excess concealer.                                                                                            (b) the mini powder brush is used to also apply little powder on the eye lid to set.                            (c)Can also be used to contour the nose with darker shade.


  1. BLENDING BRUSH; Used to set transition at the outer corner of the eye and a little above the eyeball with a required eye shadow shade but mostly darker eye shadow shade . Always remember to blend very well.


  1. EYE SHADOW BRUSH; Used to apply desired eye shadow type/color after transition and cut crease. NB; these brush looks similar to a concealer brush but wider and a bit heavier than a concealer brush.


  1. FOUNDATION BRUSH; Purposely meant for applying foundation on the face ‘only’.


  1. CONTOUR BRUSH; Purposely meant for contouring the face using darker foundation/powder shade little above the chin for a rounder face shape.


8. BIG POWDER BRUSH; (a) Meant for powder application.                                                                                               (b) Used to properly blend applied powder on the face.


9. BLUSH BRUSH; (a)Used for blush application.                                                                                                                       (b) Used for highlighter application.


10. LIP BRUSH; Used to apply lipsticks, mostly used in ombre lips process.


11. FAN BRUSH; Also used for highlighter application.



As a professionally makeup artist, I’ll always prefer buying makeup brushes that have 12 or more pieces in a set because it power packed and makes work easier.


In circumstances where you have the type of brushes that I call the beginner brush(6 pieces) , you can still manage or improvise with what you have at that moment but always go in for set of brushes that have 10 or more pieces when buying.


This is all for today, feel free to  leave a comments and questions beneath for more clarifications.

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