Fuel prices to drop in first February pricing window – IES.

The Institute of Energy Security (IES) is predicting that prices of petroleum products are likely to fall at the pumps in the first pricing window of February.

The expected fall, the energy policy think tank said, reflects the fall in the prices of Brent crude, gasoil and gasoline prices on the world market.

According to a statement issued by IES, it expects the prices of petroleum products to drop by about 2.5 percent in the first pricing window of next month.

“From the 4.66 percent decline in prices of Brent crude, coupled with the 8.00 percent and 5.69 percent considerable reduction in the prices of Gasoil and Gasoline respectively on the international market; the Institute for Energy Security (IES) foresees prices of fuel on the local market dropping by roughly 2.5%.

“The expected fall of fuel prices for consumers is a reflection of market fundamentals as accepted in a deregulated market structure. The next Window may be a good time for consumers who have been battered with rising fuel prices over the past months,” the IES said.

The expected reduction follows a marginal increase in the prices of petroleum products at the pumps in the last pricing window.

The Second Pricing-window of January 2020 saw the majority of Oil Marketing Companies adjusting prices at the pump to record a national average price of Gh¢5.48 and Gh¢5.46 for Gasoil and Gasoline respectively. This represents an average of 2.24% and 1.87% increment for Gasoil and Gasoline respectively.

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