The corona virus pandemic which has affected close to a one hundred and sixty four (164) countries and territories around the globe and an international conveyance, the ‘Diamond Princess Cruise Ship’ harboured in Yokohama is said to have reach a normality state in China as quarantine has been cut short.

In an interview with a resident in China who was a former volunteer of NGO DUNK, Miss Keena Adou stated clearly that, persons living within Shangro, a city located in the southeast of Jiangxi province were allowed to go grocery shopping once every two days as grocery stores remained opened during the quarantine that lasted for three weeks.

‘Although there are check points at every corner, stores, restaurants and train stations where temperatures are checked, people are allowed to travel and move freely within the country and everyone is happy’ she stated.

Miss Keena further explained that, the atmosphere in China currently feels good as shops are all open with people trooping in to shop with others visiting the parks with family, friends and love ones.

When asked if persons living within China are still in shock even when quarantines has been cut short, the former volunteer said, the situation in China is unique as people are very calm and not acting irrationally because they have a trusted Government led by the Chinese President who they would follow without questioning.

Whiles borders are being closed in most of the countries hit by the crisis, people are allowed to come in and out of China at any point in time with the help of a health check.

Miss Keena Adou  also noted that, she has no plans of leaving her home even after the crisis because she believes strongly that, China is the safest place to be.

Statistically, there have been an eighty thousand, eight hundred and eighty one plus (80,881+) reported cases of corona virus with a three thousand, two hundred and twenty six plus (3,226+) death cases, an eight thousand, nine hundred and forty (8,940) active cases, a three thousand, two hundred and twenty six (3,226) critical cases and a total number of sixty eight thousand, seven hundred and fifteen (68,715) recovered cases in China.

Just as China has reached a normality state now with regards to the pandemic following directives and self quarantines, Miss Kenaa has advised countries affected to do same in other to help stop the spread of the virus and stated also that, there is hope if the World should follow the same strategy as China.

Meanwhile, following the President of Ghana’s address on the COVID 19 pandemic, Non-Governmental Organization DUNK – Developing Unity Nurturing Knowledge have cancelled all sporting activities and events in all three centres effective from Wednesday 18th March 2020 until instructed safely to resume.

However, the Non-Governmental Organization is looking forward to collaborate with health organizations and other CSO’s to sensitize the communities they operate in.

Interested persons are said to email or call 0302936969.





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