C.E.O of Ay Offycial shares life changing story (1)

Hello ladies and gentlemen……kindly pardon me today because I want to go all informal with this particular blog post of mine.

Ever since I started blogging three years ago, I always went the formal way and never talked about myself but I’m changing that today so do bear with me.

Today I am going to be talking about who I really am, when I started journalism, when I paused, the kind of work I did, what I am doing currently, why I multi-task, my daily routine and others.

If you are still reading this, you should by now know how long this blog is going to be and you can definitely skip this particular blog for shorter blog stories here on my website but mind you, I’m not going to talk about me after today in a very long while and you are possibly going to miss the most encouraging blog post in the entire world for this month plus this blog may go a long way into pushing you to do the one thing you scared to do, the business you want to do and what not………….So stick and stay like I always say lol.

Making myself up while idle!

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