Politics is not about personal benefits – Aspiring Assemblyman for Lartebiokorshie.

Muntari Awudu Wahab

An aspiring assembly man for the Lartebiokorshie electoral area, Mr. Muntari Awudu Wahab has said in an interview with the AY OFFYCIAL NEWS TEAM that politics is not and should never be about personal benefits.


When asked why he ventured into politics now, he stated emphatically that, politics has always been part of the human life where people would always need to apply it in other to live with others but then, the basic underlining factor that encouraged him to take such bold step into the mainstream politics was the need of him contributing his quota through developments and empowerment in other to enhance the living conditions of every single person living in Lartebiokorshie.


He noted that, his priority lead when voted into power would consist of education, sports, sanitation and deplorable roads among others in the communities.


Mr. Muntari believes that, lobbying with the right group of people or persons will immensely tackle the high rate of unemployment in Lartebiokorshie and has recalled on the number of times he lobbied for people even when the mantle of leadership hasn’t been given to him.


He further revealed that, once elected into power, he would create close cabinet members who would personally exploit beneficial avenues and also have different databases for all persons in other to make it easier fishing out employment and scholarship beneficiaries in Lartebiokorshie.


With regards to issues on security at Lartebiokorshie, the aspiring assembly man explained that, himself with some other concerned members of the communities are working on fixing street lights and are also forming a legal group of volunteer watch dogs with the help of the Ghana Police Service.

Mr. Muntari said he would personally be part of the volunteer watch dog group who would run night shifts to guide Lartebiokorshie at night to help curb security problems and make the communities safer at night.


Mr. Wahab is therefore urging all registered voters in the Lartebiokorshie electoral areas to vote for him because he of his reliability, his visions, his plans among many that would make Lartebiokorshie a better place.


Mr. Muntari maintained also that, politics is not always about winning but rather a learning process and has also advised all other aspiring members to stick together as brothers and sisters to support who ever would emerge the winner after the assembly elections with ideas that would be implemented to aid in having a safer and more developed society.


Mr. Muntari Awudu Wahab who was born and bred in Lartebiokorshie currently works with the National Health Insurance Scheme as a District Assistant PRO and holds a degree in political science and religion from the University OF Ghana.




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