The Light of Islam Youth Organization (LIYO) organizes it seventh annual after Ramadan lectures with theme, “and He loves those who keep themselves pure and clean”.

Speaking with the President of the Non-Governmental Organization, Mr. Alhassan Samba says, he has greater expectations for this year’s lecture due to the strong theme chosen and believes it will have an adverse impact on the Islamic youth and he is therefore inviting both young adults and adults to make time and join them on the 9 th of June 2019 at the Town Council Line Central Mosque at exactly 8:30am for what he calls the live changing Islamic lecture.


Sheikh Salman Alhassan, Sheikh Nazir Ahmed, Mr. Abass Ibrahim and many other great scholars are said to be present for the august lecture.



The Light of Islam Youth Organization (LIYO) is a Non-Governmental Organization that was launched in 2011 with the aim of uplifting the image of Islam through the empowerment of its members and the society as a whole.

In an exclusive interview with the Public Relations Officer in charge of internal and external relations, Mr. Sulemana Alhassan said, the Organization is set to properly target the community the executives find the selves in first before moving out to set branches of LIYO in other Muslim communities to help them in solving problems associated to each community.

Mr. Sulemana further explained to the AY OFFYCIAL News team that, their Organization has helped improved upon the lives of many in the Ablekuma Central Constituency through their annual lecture sections, health screening programs, the Imam fund set up where they contribute to help cater for the welfare of all Imams in the community, an Islamic quiz which seeks to improve upon the reading ability of the children in the community among others.

Last year, the Light of Islam Youth Organization launched a campaign against all sort of drug abuses and this year, the Organization is launching a stronger campaign on sanitation .

Meanwhile, the public relations officer for LIYO encourages all Muslims to join hands in fighting against filth in Muslim communities.

For more information, contribution or updates, interested persons are to follow the Light of Islam Youth Organization on their social media handles or reach Mr. Sulemana on 0247 693 976.




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