Equality between rural, urban students.

The  Non –governmental organization located within Atwima Mponua District, Better Future from Today  Foundation which aim is to create content that support and motivate students in rural areas to unleash their academic potentials by providing and enabling environment has  organized quiz competition for the students at kwanfinfi and its environs.
According to the President of better future from today foundation, Rev Patrick Barimah Dadaeko has stated clearly that,  you can be born and  in a village but the village cannot live in you.
 Do not let where you live be your hindrances, Most often students in rural areas have inferiority complex which deprived them to collaborate with students in urban cities.
He disclose that, they are their predecessors and any financial and other inferior challenges they passed through during school time, the same shouldn’t happen same to the small children in rural areas.
This organisation is there to enable our small children in rural areas school, competition to injected the spirit of cando into thier mind. So this quiz competition is organised by better future from today foundation to know and assess their academic  performance, because we all know education is the best property u can live for your ward. he lamented.
  The organization then presented learning materials to the schools who took part in the quiz competition in order to improve their learning.
Speaking to the media, The District Director of Education of Atwima Mponua District, Madam Juliana Essel  Cudjoe said, the students in rural areas shouldn’t discouraged themselves, the students should learn hard so they can also achieve their goals and be in a good position which can lead them to have a successful end like their predecessors. Madam Juliana applaud the four basic schools which took part in the quiz competition for their spectacular performances they put up during the answering of the questions. I am happy that we have such brilliant students in our district she stressed. Madam Juliana addad education is the prior thing everyone needs to secure.
 She then advised the parents to nurture their children well when they come home and some parents have to stop spending money on funerals and other worldly things but rather invest in their ward for a better future.

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