Welcome to the youth arena section where all relationships problems are tackled.

Now, let’s discuss ways to help you forget your old partner!

Love is some how crazy, a moment you love with  him/her, another moment things get sour and when you finally give up, moving on without the person becomes bigger problem to deal with.

Beneath are are the steps to aid you in saying a  forever goodbye to your old partner.


1.  ACCEPTING THE FACT THAT IT OVER ; Your willingness to come to term with that makes it easy for you to move on and fight depression.
2. FORGIVE AND LET GO OFF PAST ERRORS ;  Your ability to forgive your ex gives you freedom from the inside, and it helps you heal fast, remember what Christ did on the cross , irrespective of who is at fault or caused the break up just forgive.
 3. BREAK ALL COMMUNICATIONS ; You cannot heal a wound by scratching it open everyday. You can’t say you want to get over someone and you still call and chat or even message the person everyday, at least of that main time break all communication. Give yourself time to heal , also allow memories to heal a bit.
4. MAKE NEW FRIENDS ONLY ;  After break up, don’t allow your mind to be idle make friends, learn your skills, learn new hobbies, read books, listen to messages, go to seminars, conference and picnics. Don’t go into another relationship too soon, give yourself time to heal completely. Learn to make yourself happy for yourself by yourself.
5. ACTIVATE YOUR SPIRITUAL HOT ZONE ; This is a very important and necessary step to take after every breakup. Make peace with God if you have not. Be prayerful and be grateful for your last relationship. Remember that heart break could be a blessing is disguise. Be thankful and walk with God.
God would see you through.

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