Dr. Ceaser health center to create more job opportunities for Ghanaian youth.


The management of the M.Y health clinic under supervision of Doctor Ceaser has declared his company’s intention to create more employment to argument the effort of the Government in contributing to the drastic reduction of unemployment in Ghana.
The M.Y health clinic certified and approved by the food and drugs authority has been in the system for fifteen years with numerous awards of excellence and progression in their herbal products.
A survey conducted by journalist indicates that, among the herbal companies in Ghana, Dr Ceaser health center produces the best products and quality health care service.
A research conducted by journalist also reveals that the Ceaser Liner Energy tea among other products from other companies is widely taken by the average Ghanaians because of it’s medicinal contents which normalizes blood pressure.
In an interview with the CEO for the company, Dr Ceaser said,  what triggered his interest to have created more employment opportunities for the youth by employing over thousand workers was to make sure that,  social vices such prostitution, armed robbery, pick pocketing, etc become a thing of the past.
Dr Ceaser said it is part of his plans in 2019 to implement a policy dubbed ” One Village, One Health Team” aimed at delivery quality health care in rural areas.

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